Jeff Levering is half.

A few days ago, it was revealed to the world and also the Darlington part of Pawtucket that a young former college baseball player named Jeff Levering (rhymes with severing?) will be one of the new radiocast guys.

Levering, 29, spent his last three seasons working for the Double-A Springfield Cardinals. He's also a friend of Dustin Pedroia's, which surely could not have hurt his chances. Brendan McGair did a good job with the whole story, haz clic! And Benjamin Hill has a report from Levering's former park, complete with killer snapshots and overall superlative work. BEN'S BIZ!!!

Would you like to hear his solemn, sonorous voice? Watch this video! Levering talks about having to pee really bad during a game broadcast. And also getting boatraced. What does that mean and how can I start working it into conversation?

I know you're thinking, Who is this California handsome boy and why should I trust him? Well, just look forward to a little youth injection that's not some square, fluffy-haired corporate conformist who thinks liking Feist or the Black Keys makes him interesting.Just make a fumbling play for Levering's heart...

Jeff Levering's first day is March 4th, so everybody please be nice and remember that Missouri and Rhode Island are probably quite different. It's a lot colder and we don't eat catfish.

You guys, I'm getting really excited. Here comes the sun and I say it's alright.

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