A Few Lines from "Infinite Jest"

"'The girl's name's Tina something and she'll come up to about your knee.'

'Echt,' Avril said, looking at something on a printout.

Hal looked at her while she chewed. 'You don't like her already?'

'Tina Echt, Pawtucket. Father apparently some sort of unleavened baker, mother a public relations person for the Red Sox A.A.A. baseball there.'

Hal had to wipe his chin as he smiled. 'Triple-A. Not A.A.A.'"

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Anonymous said...

So,what does "unleavened baker" imply? Is this a comment on global warming and a baker who himself doesn't retain enough carbon dioxide to prevent Climate Change? Is this a matzoh joke? Is the object if this statement a Jewish Cracker,as opposed to a Jewish cracker. Oh,the jokes are infinite but I prefer to passover them. Go Pawsox!