Dennis and Callahan

I think the first signs of my disgust with most of WEEI began with my inability to listen to D & C doing the news on my way into work in the morning. If you've ever listened to this, then you know how conservative and bitchy the show is.

On the morning of the 4th of July, after paying tribute to the troops in Iraq, they played a Toby Keith song. That's when they lost me forever.

I do still occasionally listen to Dale and Holley in the afternoon and the lovely and talented Mr. Sarandis at night, but mostly I stick with the Score 790. It's just a better fit for me.

There is one thing, however, that will keep my dial glued regardless of the station. And that thing is the exciting and mysterious Sean McAdam.

I love Sean McAdam. I love his sober rationality and intelligence. I love his sentences and paragraphs. I love that he secretly does dead on impressions of people that I'll probably never hear. I love that I saw him on the day of ALCS Game 4 ( possibly the most important game in all of Red Sox history that I went to and was at ).

I want to call him at the Providence Journal and ask him a random question about baseball just so I'll have the interior knowledge that I called Sean McAdam and he answered my stupid question.

I love his modest shirt and tie combinations. I love how sometimes you can tell he's biting back a little bit. I love the way he moves.

Anyhoo, fuck Dennis and Callahan.