Pawtucket Red Sox v. Scranton Wilkes-Barre Red Barons

It was a night.... just like tonight.

Tim Bauscher did not pitch tonight.

I'm a little distracted right now because I just got my Red Sox Post-Season DVD Set and I so very badly want to watch it, but okay.

Marc Deschenes of Lowell, MA was tonight's starter. I don't think his greenies kicked in until the 3rd because he gave up a walk, a single, and a homer before he started getting his shit together.

The Red Barons had Mike Bacsik, a nifty lefty, pitching. He set the Pawtucket batters down 1-2-3 in FIVE innings! But look out... in the eighth, he flamed out and gave up 3 runs. Mister Jeff Bailey hit his second HR in as many days. (Note: Hey, beat writers. If you're going to use baseball slang, for the love of god, DON'T PUT IT IN QUOTATIONS!!! There's this one Pawtucket Times writer who bangs out stuff like "Trot Nixon capped the inning off with a 'tater', driving in 3 runs". It looks horseshit. )

Pawtucket wins, 4-1. Nice job, Deschenes. Manny Delcarmen pitched GREAT in the 8th and 9th!

Coupla things:

1.SWB put in some crazy kid at short whose name wasn't even on the roster. Carlos Leon. Why can't I find a good freaking scouting report on this guy? Also, I totally forgot that Madonna had a boyfriend named Carlos Leon. I was reminded of this when I tried to do an image search.

2. In charge of charts, graphs, and radar tonight: Malaska and Alvarez. And Anastacio Martinez, possibly.