Arrivederci, Petagine?

Roberto Petagine DFA'd. Word on the street is that he'll probably go back to Japan and climb back into his megastar saddle. I'd like to see him as a spring training invitee, not necessarily for Boston. Boston very seldom does what I want them to do, which is why they won't win the division OR the wild card this year.

What do I say? RP got a raw deal, thanks to a surfeit of first baseman and bench trash. Plus he was so much more worldly than those other kids in Pawtucket. He was definitely one of my favorite AAA guys. I even made my own Petagine t-shirt!

One last thing: The Great Petagine was originally put on the 40-man roster after Manny's collision with... with... oh my god, who was it? Renteria? Anyhoo, Manny had blurred vision for a while and couldn't play.

I'm off like Santino's lingerie!

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Kim said...

I saw him hit his first homer at Fenway in person. Good stuff. In my muppet comparison post, I paired him with Rolf the Dog.