Peter Frechette smells like teen spirit.

Everybody has that dirty little movie they secretly love. For many, it's Dirty Dancing. For others, it's Die Hard / Bloodsport / Rambo.

None for me, thanks. MY movie is Grease 2. The summer I turned 11, HBO was playing this movie (along with Poltergeist and If You Could See What I Hear) all the freaking time and I ATE IT UP! This was my high school fantasy, what with the boyfriends and satin jackets and the makeup and the bowling and the motorcycles. Has Michelle Pfieffer ever looked more gorgeous? Was Maxwell Caulfield ever more hot, tone deaf, and pouty? And who were those no-name "teenagers" fleshing out the cast, anyway? Adrian Zmed? Maureen Teefy? CHRISTOPHER MCDONALD??

But hang on a sec. Peter Frechette. Who is this guy? Yeah, he played the lanky, practically illiterate horndog T-Bird Louis DiMucci with aplomb, but who cares, right?

Look him up on IMDb.com and check out his resume. A few guest appearances on Law & Order, other small parts... and, whoa! PF is my homeboy! Warwick, RI?! REPRESENT!!

And it only gets better. Look at the production credits and you'll see "Still We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie". Circle of life, baby! I don't remember being this bowled over by coincidence since my Squiggy experience.

So in summation, I say, here's to you, Mr. Frechette. Next time I hoist a Gansett it'll be in your honor.


Kim said...

You, too, huh? Grease 2 kicked the original Grease's ass. I loved "Girl for All Seasons" and I when I meet someone named Michael, I either think of that scene in Lost Boys when Jason Patric drinks the blood and his name is chanted a million times or "What would they think if they knew it was Michael?" No one ever gets it. I was never very big on "Let's Do It for Our Country." I always thought that was a weaker song on the soundtrack, but marginaly better than "Let's Bowl, Let's Bowl, Let's Rock and Roll."

Kim said...

One more thing - doesn't Peter Frechette sort of look like that dude from Kids in the Hall?

Jenks said...

Mark? McSomething? Yeah, I see it...

I was always a "Cool Rider" fan, myself.