"Is that an earthquake? No, it's Rrrramon!"

I just love Ramon Hernandez! Don't you?

Hell, yeah! He's an Oriole now, too. (4 years, $27.5 million) I absolutely believe he is going to have a great year. Think about it: Petco is NOT a hitter's park. I know this because everyone is really mad about the freaking fences.

Loved him on the A's... he caught Mulder and Hudson and Zito in his Cy Young year. I remember seeing Nomar kiss him on the lips as he crossed home plate (running out a long fly). Nomar was crossing home plate, I mean.

And some meaningless '05 statistics:
.290, .322 OBP, 58 RBI, 12 HR

Imagine if we had Hernandez instead of Varitek?

Other things:
Ramon and Miguel Tejada are godfathers to each others' children.

That's all I have for "Other things". But I will say this: Last year when I went to Camden Yards we had breakfast at this place called Burke's. I don't remember the food but the guy that works there? Looked exactly like Harry Caray. Glasses and everything. And it was a fly establishment.

PS Would like to mention one more thing about Oakland: If one were to rank the major league teams in order of hotness... yeah.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that you are probably right about the hotness thing. Boston was up there a few years back but then they messed up with people like David Wells and Renteria eeww. Plus Johnny 'Tonto' Damon was not that friggin hot! I'd rather have Ortiz tag me than Damon! Oh Yeah!! Here's to the hot ones! Varitek, Mueller (sniff, sniff) Wakefield..c'mon he's hot for an older gent!!

Jenks said...

Lucky, you forgot Timlin.