Gil V.

I read an article about Gil Velazquez in a RI newspaper which mentioned the murder of his father in 2001. I had no idea.

I have no words of wisdom or any baseball insight. I might go back and read some old posts so I can find inspiration. I currently have near-zero interest in this blog, so there.

Okay, talk to you later.


Baseball Diva said...

Gil Velazquez was with Binghamton when his father died. He had been a very promising shortstop before then, and when he returned to the team afterward he, not unexpectedly, did not play well. Gil was with the team for a number of seasons, last I knew he was with Rochester, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him playing with the Saux.

Jere said...

I wonder what Gil did during the celebration last night. Hardly knows anybody, has been there for a few days, didn't even play in the series...do you just jump in and start spraying Champagne around? It must be like wandering into someone else's family reunion.

Unknown said...

Velazquez was easily one of the nicest guys on the PawSox.

I find it fascinating that he lives in Las Vegas, even though he's from California. I didn't know that people actually lived there.

Jere said...

I worked with someone who had moved to Connecticut from Las Vegas. I asked her about it daily. I guess there are all these houses and stuff of to the side of the debauchery.

She also told me that this one Yankee fan from the Bronx who worked with us called her "Little" and she called him "big."

She also was intrigued by my Andrew W.K. cd, and after telling her about it, the next time she saw me, she asked me, "How's the guy with blood all over her face?"

This was like 2002. Anything else you wanna know about this chick? I almost wanna say she was a Linda, but the kind that doesn't look like a Linda.

Jenks said...

I had a friend named Valerie who lived in Las Vegas. She wound up marrying a baseball player!