Keith Ginter was robbed at gunpoint a few years ago.

You can read about it here.

And here.

Boy, am I gonna miss Keith Ginter! He was the sole reason I went to McCoy Stadium.


Anonymous said...

Remind me sometime to tell you the old Blue Jay yarn "Rick Leach: Lost in Seattle" where this back-up outfielder went missing and a search team (led by Jesse Barfield and Tom Henke) went looking for him. True story.

Also, I have a good story about Doug "Rooster" Radar using a birthday cake as a toilet. Toronto Blue Jays 1979.

Jere said...

Cam, can you tell us the old yarn "Rick Leach: Lost in Seattle"? JUst a reminder. Thanks!


"Happ Was IL All-Star Starter"

not Charlie Zink


Jere said...

Just got similar spam comment from the pig guy...remembered I saw it here.