By the way, Lincoln Holdzkom being signed by the Pirates does not mean he's gone. The Indianapolis Indians make regular visits to McCoy, after all.

Holdzkom is never going to die.

In related stories, Joe Thurston, Kevin Cash, um... many different players have done many different things. Well, Cash is a Yankee.

Texeira is not all that, so don't cry too hard over his NYC bullshit.

Hot Stove party January 17th, starring RJ, Dewon Fine Day, Mark Wagner, Zach... or Zak? Maybe Zack. Daeges, at any rate. Kris Johnson. Noted jerk Lars Anderson. A couple of other S. Dogs.

Wait, didn't Daeges quit/retire at one point? I seem to recall some kind of snit. Or was that Bryan Pritz? No.

I love Dewon Day already! I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the park.

Returning stars: Gil Velazquez and Marcus "Piano Man" McBeth.

Try not to get too jealous, but I saw Earth, Wind, and Fire last night. I am so happy.

Let's all be happy together! Baseball Heavy is gonna be even better in 2009. More personal shots and insults and LESS statistical research! More letters, less numbers! Lots of aimless and unnecessary criticism! Useless facts! (Jeff Natale lives in Boston. What a stupid idea!) More ME and less YOU! Grainy photographs! Less food and more 70's gold! Less money and MORE unpaid bills!

AND NO MORE MANCHESTER FISHER CATS! I'm not making that drive any more. It's all happening in Norwich, CT!

I love you. Let 'er rip!

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