It's great to be back in this depressing city.

I used to listen to a lot of heavy metal in my youth. You may have heard of a band called 'Man O' War'. Well, this loud, leathery outfit had a song on their cassette called 'Defender'. It is epically bad and you should really listen to it if you're in the mood for a hearty laugh.

So over here we have the Connecticut Defenders, formerly the Norwich Navigators. And now we have the AMERICAN DEFENDERS OF NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!

The ADNH have replaced the Nashua Pride in the Can-Am League. And Holman Stadium is now Nokona Park at Holman Stadium. Yeesh.

Some key points:
1. The uniforms will be desert camo. There's a whole military thing going on.
2. MVP seating will cost... get this... $9.11. 11 cents go to providing care packages for soldiers abroad.
3. Former PawSox great Brian Daubach is the new manager. Dan Duquette is also involved somehow.
4. KIDZ R FREE on Mondays and Tuesdays.
5. There will be an effort to get servicemen on the field. In uniform. Pitching and whatnot. Okay?

As unsettling as all of this sounds, I may have to go check it out. Turbo-Patriotic baseball in New Hampshire! Get up on it!

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