I knew it would happen sooner or later - MLB would take over the Pawtucket Red Sox web site and crank out a generic version of it, just like all the other IL teams. I'm pissed.

Too many flashy graphics and ridiculous headlines. I used to hate the old site, but I grew to love it after I looked around a little. It may have been the last IL team site to use the MLB format. I'm just glad I no longer use dial-up!

In a related story, left-handers Jon Switzer and Mike Tejera have both re-signed with Boston. Both are spring training NRI's.

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Jere said...

I had seen the Salem Red Sox site and thought it was just like that thanks to the Red Sox trying to make it seem more Red Soxy, since they took over and changed the name. I didn't realize it was MLB just switching all minor league sites over. I hate it, too. Ever since the MLB sites all started looking the same. Dee ewe emm bee.