you'll be his, you'll be his

So, yeah, getting back to Pauley, D. (shown here in Buffalo with Hansack, talking about revolution and OZ's).

August 13th, 2005 was the first time I saw this kid, He was starting for the Sea Dogs of Portland, facing the Norwich Navigators (now the beloved Connecticut Defenders!). On this momentous occasion.... well, I think it was a thunderstick giveaway?

Pauley pitched four innings, giving up six runs on seven hits. He was relieved by Charlie Zink! WHAT. Zink was very sloppy in his two innings, giving up five earned runs.

Craig Hansen also pitched for Portland. At that time, he was exciting and potential-stuffed and THE FUTURE. It seems like so long ago...

For Norwich, starter Chris Begg went seven innings and only gave up one run, and RBI single by Jeremy West. Holy crap, this game is so crazy... Hanley Ramirez in the lineup? SHELDON FULSE?!

Portland lost the game 12-1. Hey, at least it was sunny and I was on vacation and you were stuck at work with those crazy people you work with. You=suffering, me=sunning.


Jere said...

seat / row

da V id / P auley

And what was Varitek's dad doing at the game?

Jenks said...

Tek's father is clearly more proud of his LSU attending daughter.