spanish for "the niño"

The first Pawtucket poster night I attended, I asked Abe Alvarez how to say "catcher" in Spanish. I might as well have asked him to borrow fifty bucks. He was a total bitch about it and I thought it was hilarious. Alejandro Machado was so much nicer.

And so it came to pass that IL Repeat Offender Carlos Maldonado will be on the PawSox roster. Probably. Which seems to me like Kottaras or Brown are suddenly expendable, tradeable, posable and huggable. They are Baked Potato People.

Amongst all the Varitek hugger-mugger, I read about how some of Tek's value can be derived from his leading and mentoring and otherwise aiding young catchers. To this I say, are you kidding me, Tuco?

What incentive does Varitek have to do this? Is it a contractual condition of some kind, or is he expected to do this out of the kindness of his heart? Don't they have staff to handle this crap? If I were Varitek, I wouldn't even talk to the kids in spring training. Even if a young catcher approached me, I'd say, 'CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY?!'

Think about this: You've been at your job longer than almost everybody else. Some new kid comes in and your boss asks you to show them the ropes. Like you don't have anything else to do. And it's so tedious and annoying trying to train some new kid, going over and over some crap that's simple and obvious to you.

That shit is not in my job description and I am not getting paid to do it. So if I were Jason Varitek, I wouldn't even go there. NOT MY JOB.

Welcome to Rhode Island, Carlos!

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