What's that you say, mother? Boston needs a catcher?

Let's see where they've all gone:

Alberto Concepcion: 12th round draft pick for Boston in '02. Concepcion spent a couple of years in Portland. He got into 5 or 6 PawSox games in 2006 but released during that off-season. Played in the Marlins organization last year but has yet to appear in a big league game.

Sandy Martinez (Boston, 2004): Martinez appeared in three games for Boston but never got a hit or anything. He is currently 38 years old and hasn't played in the majors for four years. Another guy who last played in the Marlins org.

Jim Buckley: Was actually drafted 25th round by Boston in 2002. Split 2005 between Portland and Pawtucket. Appeared in a few PawSox games in '06, was released that June, and went on to play indy ball for the Somerset Patriots. Retired.

Jeff Bailey: Stopped catching in 2006-ish because it felt funny or something. Probably cannot be coerced to return to that position.

Ken Huckaby(Pawtucket, 2006): Uh-oh, he's a free agent! Huckaby was released by the Royals in May of last year but hasn't been in a major league game since 2006.

Corky Miller (Pawtucket, 2006): Still getting work! The White Sox have signed him to a minor league contract. Corky Miller will never die.

Then there's Kevin Cash, David Ross, and that other guy. I should probably do a little more Jim Buckley research, don't you think?

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