Randor Bierd missed the NCIS marathon.

I guess I'll show some restraint and not mention that "Randor Bierd" sounds like a Bond villain/Martian/Croatian basketball player/Finnish assassin. (TM every other Boston blogger)

Let's get to know this kid:
1. He was born in the DR. He's right-handed and tall (6'4").
2. Pedro Martinez helped develop his change-up. Bierd has also played with former Orioles basket case Daniel Cabrera.
3. Last year during Orioles ST, Bierd bought a suit before he officially made the roster. He wanted to adhere to the traveling dress code.
4. From a Baltimore Sun blog comment: "This will be a great coup for the Orioles . We now have someone who can win for us in AAA and maybe with the parent club eventually . Beard was going nowhere with the Orioles as a reliefer and wouldn't be in the Majors this year after what he did last season . Hopefully Pie (Pa) will surprise a lot of people in baseball . He can make our outfield the best in baseball if he can hit ." Wow, someone's been guzzling propaganda!
5. Wildly unrelated, but Camden Yards sets up "ice stations" on very hot days? Well done, all!

PS Orioles fans are rolling their eyes at this trade. They've been pretty pissed off at the organization in general, so it's no surprise they're not thrilled about a AAA pitcher coming to town and possibly joining the starting rotation. I feel your pain, O's fans, and I take your troubles to bed with me at night. Andy McFail, indeed.


Jere said...

Fenway did a mist-fan thing last year.

I'm very proud of myself. I didn't know which game I took that picture "at," so I started checking summer games. Tried the July Twins game first. And that was the game. Nailed it on first try. And I'd packed for a three-day search.

Jenks said...

I'm proud of you, too. Most people dream of having that kind of luck... or living in a corridor.