More bad stuff about Craig Hansen, thank god.

Remember Craig Hansen? Of course you do! Believe it or not, Captain Disaster is STILL rehabbing in the Pirates org.

I found this great article that touches on Hansen's relationship with Manny Delcarmen and their wacky Pawtucket hijinks... and RJ's post-Stinko de Mayo smackdown. Beavis and Butthead, indeed.

You know what pisses me off so much? That guys like Hansen can be drunken assholes but no one's ever supposed to say anything about it. I read something on an esteemed Boston message board about Hansen's downfall and one member dared to mention his heavy partying. A slew of other people piled on the guy, essentially telling him to shut up about it. Why should he have to? God forbid anyone be called out on their loser behavior.

In a related story, sarcastic infielder Gil Velazquez has an injury involving some kind of bone and shall be missing a few weeks. Casey Kelly is displaying some seriously restrained elation at this news.

It won't be long, I promise.

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