Remember last year's Carter/Wilkerson/McAnulty/Bailey saga? And how Chris Chriscarterson got the job and MOM WAS MAD? And then Brad Wilkerson came to Pawtucket, saw how much it resembled the best parts of Flint, and retired? And then he went ahead and got a job with the Phillies? Who then released him? HUH?

Well, I thought I saw his fat face on TV last night. But it must have been his brother, Shannon. And then I saw this Maplehurst kid. Wait... not Maplehurst. Hazelbaker. And I don't pretend to be an expert or anything but WHO THE? WHAT? When did any of this happen? I could look it up, but who has the time anymore?

I did watch Fernando Cabrera pitch after Alan Embree put a bunch of starving children on base. Nandy's got an ERA as swollen as the Blackstone right now (seriously, this rain MUST CEASE) but he did a good job. Because he's exciting.

I'm just really ready to get things rolling.


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