Disco Demolition: A Digression

I was watching the baseball channel last night and saw some clips of Disco Demolition night in Chicago. Although the night devolved into an orgy of violence and bonfires and very naughty behaviour, I can't help but wonder: Where is the outrage over shitty music anymore?

I don't have a beef with disco. I like disco, although mostly for nostalgic reasons. Donna Summer was a goddess, people. But at the time, it was so pervasive and invasive that real Aerosmith-rocker types got fed up and pissed off about it. And they wore t-shirts that said 'DISCO SUCKS'. Imagine! Where's my t-shirt that says 'CLUB MUSIC SUCKS'? HANG THE DJ!!!

Recently, I was flipping through a formerly esteemed 'rock' magazine and reading its record reviews. And the B***k E*** P*** new release got THREE STARS!!! WHO THE? WHAT THE? I'm so disgusted at the constant lowering of musical standards. Like the lady who dresses like Elton John! I mean, she's cute and everything but her music's the same thing as Ace of Bass! AND PEOPLE LOVE HER!!

I'm not a music snob at all, but I have to draw the line somewhere!!! People are just way too complacent about what's on the radio, the absence of a true-blue DJ, the over-and-over assaults by acts like TS and her guitar, the Canadian lady with the blue wig, Akorn, the girly fake-ska fashion blonde, the talentless 'rapper' from Detroit, the Barbados woman with the legs, and Crapbox 30.

Isn't music supposed to be exciting? Like that Rancid song! WHEN I GOT THE MUSIC, I GOTTA PLACE TO GO! I doubt he was singing about Maroon 5 or Nickelcrap. How about you come over my house with some records... or CDs... whatever. And all that wispy, cutesy pop in the MP3 player ads. Let's blow some shit up! Smash the state!



Jere said...

I agree with every sentence of this, right down to the part about liking disco for nostalgic purposes.

Anonymous said...

Right on Jen, I feel ya!