The Buffalo Bisons are the Blue Jays.

From Syracuse to Buffalo? UPGRADE.

I hope you like Anthony Gose as much as I do, because he's gonna get a lot of face time at McCoy Stadium! Gose will look great sporting his exciting new Buffalo uniform, too.

Back in September, Buffalo signed a two-year player development contract with the Toronto Blue Jays. THIS IS VERY EXCITING AND SIGNIFICANT. First of all, Toronto and Buffalo are less than 100 miles apart. Secondly, the old park in Las Vegas is small and abnormal. Also, it's in fucking Las Vegas.Thirdly, and most importantly, the Blue Jays look like AL East contenders at last.

Like any other minor league team, Buffalo's got a book of numbers and remedies on the counter by your keys. They'll have 48 games on TV, which is 300 percent more than Pawtucket ever has. These games will include at least one game per visiting team and 11 road games.

Marty Brown will manage the team this season, so read this story. Here's a link to their promotional schedule.

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