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Minor league signings on January 31st, 2013: Lyle Overbay, JD Durbin, Charlie Haeger, and Christian Perdomo.

Lyle Overbay is Lyle Overbay, I'm sure you've bumped into him at SXSW or whatever.

JD Durbin is a righty starter who has been all over the place. Durbin came up through the Twins org, did a little time with some Phillies junk, a bunch of minor-league Dodgering in 2009, and spent the last couple of years hanging out in Mexico and independent Lancaster. Durbin pitched for Rochester and the IronPigs, so the odds are good that I've seen him at McCoy. I'll look it up later. Oh, wait, I just did and here it is.

Durbin's been with Boston before... I feel like I kind of remember his story. One of those Casey Fein things, where you get claimed off waivers and then DFA'd the next day and you've been on three teams in one week and you never leave your couch. From commenter/registered user 'Paradigm': "So, they might claim him, keep him on the 25-man roster, demote Javier Lopez, then activate Timlin and send Durbin through waivers. The end result is still the same (Timlin on the major league roster) and they might keep Durbin, or he might get claimed." This was posted in April 2007.

OH MY GOD this is all coming back to me now... Durbin's handle was 'titsandassforme' and there were pictures of him at the adult video awards. Poor kid.

Some Detroit fan back in 2007 summed it all up: "What's with this guy? He was just released by PHI after they claimed him from the Red Sox who claimed him from ARI who claimed him from the Twins." What's with this guy, indeed. I mean, seriously, I don't understand this pickup at all. WAS KYLE SNYDER NOT AVAILABLE? Whatever, I feel like Durbin's just going to disappear a couple of weeks into spring training. Happens all the time.

Charlie Haeger! Haeger was on the Sea Dogs last year. You may remember Haeger from his outstanding performance as "Charlie Zink" around 2008.

Christian Perdomo, who maybe says shit like " Do any of my followers have any problems or idn something ... so i can pray for you at night before bed", is a New York mall-rat kid so never mind.

By the way, Ryan Sweeney's around. In case you like Ryan Sweeney.

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gojohn said...

Looks like Durbin's Myspace page is gone...