Brian Shouse can put his clothes on and go home now.

Lefty detritus Brian Shouse RELEASED! I worked really hard on his post, too. Jerks.

The Marlins shuttled professional grouch Hunter Jones to minor league camp. Hunter Jones in New Orleans? This story talks about his titanium rod... and "Rod" Johnson. Jones needs to work on his breaking pitches and getting a good night's sleep for once.

Fernando Cabrera is still hanging out with the cool kids. I'm sure he'll eventually fall to earth and be an overachieving triple-A closer. Oh my god, please make that happen.

I just graphed out my games for the year at McCoy. I put a lot of thought into it and ojala que it all works out. Things fall apart. It's scientific. In even more exciting news, I went ahead and booked my Pawtucket away game trip. Can anything be better than Norfolk? Most fucking assuredly.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait till Opening Day. Hope the pitching's on this season. This video about Opening Day just made my day.