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Much like the rest of you, I've been pretty engrossed in the Chilean miner rescue. I stayed up late watching it last night and uhh... It was kind of emotional and I maybe needed some tissues at times and FUCK YOU THERE'S NO BASEBALL!

Chile is not a baseball country. Are there any Chilean baseball players? When I think of Chile, I think of this one terrible bartender we had named Cristian, who was from Chile. He sucked as a bartender, but we loved him because he was wicked cute and we had a crush on him. Who is 'we'? Me and my sisters, that's who.

I do have a point, and it is this: Mike Andrews' article on what the minor leaguers are up to. Hint: It involves places like Venezuela and the Dominican.

As a human being, I think having to work in the off-season must suck balls. Aren't these people exhausted? I understand that the weather's probably pretty good and it maybe sounds like fun at times, but damn your muscles must ache to hell and who doesn't want to spend the off-season getting baked and playing video games or golf and perfecting your football wings recipe?

It just seems like a lot of work. I understand they're sent there to work on stuff, but I would be pretty pissed off about it.

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