I tend to remember guys like that.

I'm pleased to see that former PawSox great Freddie Sanchez and the SFGs and some of the Dodd Stadium kidz have advanced to the champ series. THIS IS REALLY EXCITING.

And the... Rangers? What a time we live in!

Also, Javier Lopez is on the Giants and he was a McCoy rat for a few years. He doesn't really count, though, 'cause he only faces one batter every other day.

Cruel to be kind means that I love you, baby.


Steve G. said...

The Providence Journal used to have a box on their sports page cataloging how former Red Sox farmhands and Major League players were doing on their new teams. For some reason, it always fascinated me. "Oh wow, look, Wes Chamberlain is hitting .337 in the independent leagues! Holy heck, Michael Coleman is still alive?" I don't think it runs anymore though.

Jenks said...

I haven't seen that in a while, but I loved it, too.

Who can I call to get that back?

Steve G. said...

Uh, the Belo Corporation in Texas? Anything vanishing from the Journal is typically due to cost-cutting measures by the suits in Texas.