Devern Hansack is gone and he's never coming back.

But I did come across this Nicaragua-based article that mentions him and other Nicaraguan baseball players!

By the way, if I told you that the Yankees signed a 16-year-old kid named Colby McCoy, you could probably deduce that he was not an American. But would you guess that he was from Nicaragua? 'Colby McCoy' sounds like a Texas boy. Weird. Anyway, he's Hansack's cousin.

That's all for today. Looking for a job in Rhode island. Wish me luck.

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Steve G. said...

1) Colby McCoy sounds like a good lead for "Varsity Blues 2," or one of those other crappy direct-to-DVD sequels. I can picture someone like Rachel Leigh Cook or Sarah Michelle Gellar tearing up as she grabs him by the cuff of his shirt. "I can't believe I ever trusted you, Colby McCoy!"

2) Good luck on the job search! As someone living and employed in Rhode Island right now, it's a rough environment. Panera seems to be hiring, and that's about it.