Jason Repko has declared free agency.

Repko truly played his ass off when he was on the PawSox. His numbers weren't awesome, but I appreciated his hustle. That's how you get promoted. You would think, anyway. Baseball isn't always a meritocracy. In fact, it only occasionally is a meritocracy.

Repko did not make a single error while he was with Pawtucket. And are you perchance Italian? You might enjoy this article which mentions Repko and is in Italian.

Also, he made a catch that the whole world saw. Except me, because I am very busy with legal documents and charity galas and teleconferences.The

In fact, here are all the cool kidz who linked to that zany bullpen catch!

1. Tonight's Forecast: Dark

2. Unathletic Mag: "Being debated as the catch of the year, Jason Repko jumps over the fence to make the grab. You make the call but this is certainly up there. Unfortunately the Sox lost that game but so what? It’s Triple A." HEY, GO TO HECK!

3. The Nosebleeds

4. Bob's Blitz

5. Outside the Box Score: "During his Major League Baseball career, outfielder Jason Repko didn't turn in any notable home run robbing catches but recently during a minor league stint, Repko might have pulled off the home run robbery of the month."

6. Awkward Sports: "Jason Repko leaped his entire body over the wall to rob Kosuke Fukudome of a homer in AAA Red Sox minor league game."

7. I doubt you can watch this conversation with Jason Repko and not think about what it would be like to have sex with him. Intimate, intimate video.

8. Hyder wrote about it. My personal hero, Steve Hyder.

9. Is Jason Repko a bicycle commuter? It appears that he is: "If you have a substantial bike commute and you ride it regularly, get yourself a bike you really like and a couple of good locks for it. If you’re putting the mileage on, you’ll want to love what you ride." Okay, no way this is baseball Repko. Sorry.

10. "One of the players that I got to talk with was Jason Repko, an outfielder for the Minnesota Twins. We know each other from his stint in Rochester. At one point, he was so impressed with my photography that he asked me to take photos of his family at his home. " - Oh, I am so sure.

11. Jason Repko's baby is way too adorable.

12. What was Repko's at-bat music? I remember it being acceptable, which almost never happens. Wait! No, I lied, I think it was a RHCP song. I hate them.

13. Damn, Gina!

That's enough, right? I'm trying to go to the laundromat and now this. And the Reds/Giants game. Jeremy Affeldt and Ryan Ludwick and Scott Rolen and so forth.

You think Repko's going to Japan?


Jenks said...

Is that his dad's sweater?

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