Malcolm MacMillan went to McCoy Stadium.

Some key points from the founder of TheBallparkGuide.com:

1. "I can see visiting McCoy Stadium being a bucket list item for any die-hard Sox fan, simply because of all the displays."

2. "And just below, are the parking spots reserved for the coaching staff. Here’s the spot belonging to pitching coach and tanned asshole Rich Sauveur, for example: (photo)" - (Italics added by staff.)

3. "The box score for the [Longest] game was absolutely hysterical. Ripken went 2-for-13 and Boggs went 4-for-12, but there were some guys who had horrendous luck. It was a bad time to play center field, apparently. Rochester’s Williams went 0-for-13! And Pawtucket leadoff hitter Graham went 1-for-14. A combined 1-for-27 from center field — yikes!" - Good point. Dallas Williams, right?

4. "And then, thanks to my media pass, a seat directly behind home plate..." - Hold on. So if you have a media pass, you can sit wherever you want? Is that what's going on? Or do the PawSox reserve seats behind home plate for the media? And who is that tall, dark-haired man with the high-tech phone and the black fleece vest I always see? I SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING, VESTY!

The story includes some great pictures that I am super jealous of. I think I've posted enough shots of McCoy Stadium, so here's a photo of Matt Sheely and Ryan Kalish instead:

Hey, good news! My father agreed to a brief interview so keep your eye out for that.

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