Bob Socci is the other half.

"Bob Socci" sounds like a dish you'd order at a Korean restaurant. "I'll have the Bob Socci with rice noodles and a cola with no ice."

Bob Socci is the other half of the **NEW**  !!@@@LOOK@@@!! PawSox radio team. He has his own website, that being bobsocci.com. And .net as well, but probably not .biz or .xxx. I bought pawsox.xxx, so don't get any ideas! If Carlos Maldonado ever makes a sex tape, I'm going to be a very wealthy woman.

His righteous path: Peoria Chiefs. Delmarva Shorebirds. Naval Academy basketball. Navy football. Frederick Keys, Albuquerque Isotopes, Norfolk Tides. Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China Johnny Ray.

I came across an Albuquerque blogger who talked to Socci back in 2005. The story's great. But then there's this exchange:

"Kris: “So Bob, have you ever said anything on the air that you wish you hadn’t?”
Bob: “Yes, many times. But one stands out in my memory.”
Kris: “Were you able to make amends?”
Bob: (laughing while entering the names of starting Isotopes players on his score sheet) “Fortunately, not many people heard it.”
Kris: “Would you care to tell me what it was?”
Bob: “Sure, but not on the record.”

A few minutes later…
Kris: “Oh, that IS funny! Thanks for sharing.”

Why would you even include this? Is this some kind of in-joke?

Socci has spent most of his career in a world I don't understand, so I'll just conclude by saying I look forward to him blowing my mind.

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