I thought I wouldn't need any money or fame...(I wouldn't need it!)

I won a major award today! A guy from the Peoria Sports Complex in Arizona left a message on my machine. See, while I was attending S.T. and possibly vying for a roster spot I participated in a wacky between-innings promotion.

Yesterday when I got home there was a Speedy Delivery envelope waiting for me from Two Guys. It was... my Home Opener Tickets! With gold leaf and all!

And today I got my Futures tickets. Everything's coming up Milhouse!

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Jenks said...

Two things:

1) My major award? Southwest Air tickets to anywhere! Plane tickets for free, yeah!

2) I got one of those little registered mail cards in my box, which can only mean that my Yankees tix are waiting for me at the Pawtucket PO. I feel like God is rubbing my tummy!