Mound of Pain

As much as I maligned Bronson Arroyo, I derive no joy from his exit. Although it is so awful that it borders on hilarious, I feel a little bad for that skinny bitch. Boston was his world! He was buying an apartment! (cough*divorce*cough)

My sister Lucky called me at work last night and she was fabbagasted when I told her the news.

One good thing to come out of this: perhaps Mister B. will be inspired to write some actual songs. Lucky suggested the post title as a good one. How about... Thrown a Curveball? 61 Tears? Crying in the Bullpen? Lenny, Don't Lose That Number?

I'm sorry. I do think he kinda got a raw deal. The Reds. Oh my god.

PS Haven't been around lately because I've been in Massachusetts for most of my waking life. It's unhealthy and ungodly and I swear I'll do better once I disengage myself from the shackles of salaried labor.


Phlip said...

I was sad to see him go. But some of my favorite Marlins are on the Sox now. :P

Kim said...

What a Sinker
Screwed Ball
Ouch, Right at the Knees
Unearned Run, Right Outta Town

It was a shifty deal. Poor dude. I'll miss dem daddy long legs.

Anonymous said...

Poor Arroyo, I feel wicked bad for him.... not really. Although, I am a little bummed that I spent 60 bucks to have my hair cornrowed when the Red Sox played the Yankees in the 2004 Play-Offs. The one that Lowe pitched, game 4, the most important game all season, the turn around game. ANYWAY, I got another song title "I won't let you walk this time!"