9.1.08 Red Sox v. Iron Pigs - s. to L .

Red Sox win 9-2. Squishy balls for everybody!

Bartolo was strong, real strong. He doesn't look as fat in person.

I don't what more I can say. Thank you and good night? But first...

1. The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are hopeless. I cringed five times just watching. The fielding is probably the worst. RJ Swindle was the victim of some shoddy fielding... he was visibly disgusted.
2. And, lo, a vision appeared before me on the mound at McCoy Stadium. Matt Childers, Iron Pigs relief pitcher. So, so good looking. They. Cannot. Touch. Him.
3. As I was leaving the park, one of the players drove past me toward the exit. Totally smoking weed. He apparently could not even wait until he got on the highway! It was wafting out his slightly opened window... DAMN.
4. So some guy came and sat behind me and he was pretty annoying ("THAT WAS A STRIKE! COME ON, UMP!"). However, he sounded so much like the lead singer of Molly Hatchet that I couldn't be too irritated. I kinda wanted to turn around and shout, "Flirtin' with Disaster!!!!"
5. One of the Jeffs hit a home run. Pretty sure it was Natale, the Good Jeff. The Evil Jeff (Corsaletti) says stuff like, "When my hot girlfriend told me that the Sox drafted me, I was definitely excited to be part of an organization as prominent as them."
6. I will definitely try to go to Lehigh Valley next year. I just hope that sweet, sweet Matt Childers is still there.

Game one of the semi-finals tomorrow. I'm nervous.

By the way, Boston Red Sox, you can keep Van Every.

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