So that's it, I guess. Shelley Duncan the Great Ruiner with a tenth inning home run off Hunter Jones.

I'm not mad at Jones. I think after 2003, I can handle anything.

I've already begun planning off-season sports. I'm deeply involved with fantasy football (I think, I don't know, I don't like football which may be an advantage). People really LOVE attending sporting events with me!

Also, I'm plotting an art heist. You probably think I am kidding. But wait until you read the compendium of 2008's Dumbest Criminals where it says "The criminal was apprehended after local police read about her felonious plans on her public blog".

Coming soon: emotional Labor Day photography.

Bye, guys! Bye!


Anonymous said...

here's to a great year
zink you're the man
JVE everyday
joe the bunt thurston way to hustle down the line
carter trim those side burns
never run on spike
and the best beer server at macoy
thanks for all the blue moon
see you all next year
i love you

Jere said...


Not as effective for the end of the AAA season, but always a tearjerker. (also the one year I taped it was a year the big club won it all, adding to the incongruity. Incongruity?)