Not the Admiral, the other guy.

"Service time is measured in the number of days on the 25-man roster or the Major League DL. It is measured in decimal form with the number of years to the left of the decimal and the number of days on the right. Thus a number of 16.134 reads 16 years and 134 days of service time. 172 days equals a year so 2.172 equals 3.000 years of service time. There are 182 days per season (162 games plus 20 off-days), but a player cannot obtain more than 172 days of service per year."

Pardon me, but I object to this egregious corruption of the decimal system. That's almost as bad as saying 3.1 innings is the same as 3 1/3 innings. Which they do all the time.

The decimal system is honest and pure and true. I love baseball, but they shouldn't fuck with the decimal system. THEY COULDN'T HAVE USED A SLASH?

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