9.4.08 Red Sox v. Yankees - Game 2, Semi-Finals - ROLL OUT!!

Pawtucket WINS! YES!! 3-1

TERRIFIC game. Devern Hansack versus Ian Kennedy. Hansack needed to be real tuff for this game and he delivered... and then some.

Hansack pitched six no-hit innings for Pawtucket and it totally brought me closer to god. His only problem came in the fifth inning... he walked spoiled brat Nick Green, who advanced to second on a wild pitch. A couple of Yankees groundouts allowed Green to cross home plate for their only run.

Hansack had two walks and EIGHT mighty strikeouts. You's a superstar, boy, why you still up in the hood? I would have loved for him to stay in the game, but you could clearly see the effort was taking its toll. He was also on a pitch count after coming off the DL. But really, it may have been the performance of the yr.

Ian Kennedy was no slouch, either. Seven innings, two runs on five hits, two walks and five strikeouts. The weird thing is that it started with a Van Every walk in the third, like, when does that asshole ever walk? So, yeah, JV walks and winds up getting batted in by Jason Lane. And then in the fourth inning, wicked Italian Corsaletti hits a solo home run.

Superfreak lefty reliever Zachary Kroenke surrendered the third run, a solo HR by Jason Lane in the eighth.

And so with a 3-1 lead in the ninth, big ol' country boy Hunter Jones goes u.d.t. on the Yankees and it was so spiritual. For Pawtucket fans. I hope it was degrading and demoralizing for Shelley Duncan et al.


what in the world is in that bag?
1. I thought the playoffs would bring a full house to McCoy. I was way off. The park's mostly empty. But the great thing is that the fans there are more hardcore baseball fans, not just a bunch of bored folk and their children. Which leads me to believe that 'playoff atmosphere' means more than just asses on seats.
2. You'd better believe they boo'd the shit out of Melky Cabrera.
3. Gil Velazquez at first again? Yes, and he plays a mean first base. It's all that damn racquetball.
4. As I was leaving, I walked by Charlie Zink getting his crap out of his car. No one noticed. Except me. I should have said hello.
5. Some old-timey PawSox fan was a few rows behind me... a treasure trove of retro baseball heckling. "THAT WAS A 400-FOOT DRIVE... 200 UP AND 200 DOWN!" Ha! Ha!
6. Less amusing was the borderline retarded sideways cap kid a few seats down. Like a wannabe gangsta kid who's probably too old for thick chains? Would not stop bellowing stupid crap like, "COME ON, UMP!!" Hey, d-bag: Your Jesus Christ tattoo on your leg makes Him look decapitated.
7. Kottaras annoyed me when he hacked at the first pitch in his first two at-bats. So much for progress.
8. Oneli! Six-finger satellite Oneli Perez got the last out in the eighth inning. So he's not dead yet.
9. Hansack had two outs in the sixth inning and powerhouse Juan Miranda coming up. RJ walked out to give Hansack the hook but Devern said he wanted to get Miranda. And it almost looked like it wouldn't work, because Miranda smoked a ball toward right field. Fortunately, Gil Velazquez made a crazy catch like over his shoulder and flipped it to Hansack at first. GREAT PLAY.

Win tonight, Red Sox! Fresh fish Adam Mills starts for Pawtucket. Rhode Island gadabout Kei Igawa starts for SWB. DO IT.

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Anonymous said...

he couldn't even wait to get of the park at least he could do is call zink into the ride
mellow out to bob marley
after the game