Two questions I asked Jeff Bailey in 2008

1. "Do you remember Jim Buckley? What happened to him?" (note: Bailey and Buckley shared catching duties in 2006)

Ans: "Uhhh... (long pause)... I don't think he's playing any more."

2. "Do they let you do your laundry here (at McCoy)?" (Note: I asked this because I'd been thinking earlier how awesome and convenient it would be if I had a washer/dryer at work and, hey, if you're a baseball player, YOU DO INDEED HAVE THAT LUXURY!)

Ans: "Uuuhhh... (long, uncomfortable pause, during which I almost said 'Ok, never mind.')... I don't know, I do mine at home."

There you have it! I'm a freelance sports journalist, Ma!

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sssssssss said...

See, you ask the questions people really want to know the answer to. :)