"Don't let me die out there."

Just now finding out about the October 2004 Red Sox special. I watched a clip and... Well, I still get chills. I attended game four and the memory is still so sharp and emotional. Everything about it.

One of the things that stands out the most... Maybe it was my imagination, but during the playoffs I felt a certain New England unity. People were kinder to each other, doing things as simple as getting the door for you and holding the dumpster lid open so you could cram a bulging garbage bag into it. Like any bad behavior could upset the fragility of it all.

I remember talking to someone else about that, and she agreed with me. So for all you Mass and RI kidz who did all the little things... Thank you. Maybe you didn't affect the game's outcome, but you made October 2004 so perfect and exciting.

Can someone please record this program for me?

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Steve G. said...

1) You got to go to game four? LUCKY.

2) I have the show on my (roommate's) DVR. Um, do you have a VCR? haha. I'm not sure how else to get a copy to you.