Bryce Brentz is hot.

I came very close to skipping Stove Pot Party, but ultimately I attended and it was wicked decent.

Bryce Brentz is not much of a baseball player and I can never root for him because he was a detriment to his team in the playoffs. Kills me to admit that he is handsome as anything. Too bad handsomery cannot decrease your strikeout rate. Unless you got some horny ladies to be home plate umpire. Or just a HP ump that wasn't straight.

I also accurately predicted that Brentz would be wearing ugly cowboy boots. How I hate him.

Alex Hassan mentioned that one of his favorite baseball players was Jose Offerman. I would have though he was joking had I ever seen evidence that rich kid pro jocks were capable of wit.

Talked to the new manager about Australia a little bit. I had other burning questions  but I'll have to sit on them another season unless I run into Heiker Meneses at a bar. I owe him a drink or two.

And now I have to wait another million years before I can go to a ball game.

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