Zane Grey - The Young Pitcher

I bought this book in Ames, Iowa, back when I used to go to Ames, Iowa.

It is not an easy read, inasmuch as it's dated as hell and contains arcane slang.

It does reveal the singular cruelty of college baseball players.

Here's an excerpt:

"...Ken went up to the plate and swung blindly. To his amaze he cracked a hard fly to left-centre, far between the fielders. Like a startled deer Ken broke into a run. He turned first base and saw that he might stretch the hit into a three-bagger...

...Second base sailed under him, and he turned in line for the third.

...Without slacking his speed in the least, Ken leaped into the air headlong for the base. He heard the crack of the ball as it hit Graves' glove. Then with swift scrape on his hands and breast he was sliding in the dust. He stopped suddenly as if blocked by a stone wall. Something hard struck him on the head. A blinding light within his brain seemed to explode into glittering slivers. A piercing pain shot through him. Then from darkness and a great distance sounded a voice:

"Ward, I said I'd get you!"

Also, the protag is reprimanded by other students for walking with his hands in his pockets and turning up his trouser cuffs.

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