I have a feeling that no one will care about Tommy Layne.

Tommy Layne is a lefty reliever who was on the Padres and please bear with me as I search for a feeling about this.



The levee is dry.

I guess in 2012 he was getting outs

Layne has also pitched for the Diamondbacks. Fort Zumwalt is proud of him.

Okay, you know what? Never mind, shut down the internet. Sam Miller wrote about Layne last March (with visual aids!) Prepare to be boarded... By AWESOME!

"About two-thirds of the time, Layne starts lefties off with a fastball. This is a fastball, but it’s also three or four miles per hour slower than his typical fastball. It might be a cutter, but one of the themes of Layne’s repertoire is how seamlessly the different types of pitches blend into each other. He throws this pitch from a pretty typical three-quarters arm slot, which is his typical release point early in an at-bat."

Nothing I can tell you about Tommy Layne could compare to this, so good night. I have laundry to do anyway.

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