Mark Wagner probably has no idea how big Jim Thome is.

Mark Wagner is only 29, which is crazy to me because I feel like it's been years since he was a PawSox catcher. He is a 6'1" California man who looks like Bert from Sesame Street. And he was a Pawtucket man in 2009 and 2010.


1. Did you know that Mark Wagner was the first catcher to use a black web on his glove? "A catcher who also learned under the eye of Jason Varitek, who famously loosened the webbing on his glove, giving the feeling and the look that the glove was a few inches bigger than it originally came in. This is called the Jason Varitek effect." All of this and more from Watching Men Behind the Mask.

2. Did you know that you can purchase the chest protector that Wagner wore in his junior year in high school? It is $200. It's autographed. No one is ever going to buy it. You hear me? NO ONE.

3. Did you know that Wagner participated in a dance contest? PLUS A LITTLE BONUS FOR THE LADIES: RYAN KALISH NO SHIRT HOT XXX HARDCORE.

4. Oh, dear: "Same here buddy! i'm a collage catcher and it took me forever to find a cup that fit my package well enough. Being a catcher as you know, you have to have plenty of room for everything to be pushed forward into the cup when your in position and everything's pulled in tight down there. otherwise your dead if your hit. But with a bigger deaper cup comes more bulge that i have to grab and adjust every time i move my legs. My pitcher was even asking me about it several times because he noticed when i give him the signals that i have a bigger bulge now haha he said "buddy i was wondering what had happened down there because after every signal you grap and push on your bulge like you're showing it off to me or something haha." I just told him it was the perfect cup i found for big guys like me haha"

So here's a picture of Mark Wagner and his bulge. I could have lived without any of this.

5. From 2002: "In the game he had several hard hit line drives including 2 extra base hits to opposite field. He took 3rd on one hit utilizing the 7.04 speed he showed in the 60 earlier in the day. Defensively he popped a 1.95 and had good velocity on his throw down in the workout. He reproduced that 1.95 time in the game and his ball was consistently at the bag with good carry. He was even popping under 2 in between innings." Some people know what all of that means.

6. Did you know that you can buy a book about Wagner? It is 70 pages long and costs  $79. 

7. Did you know that Wagner has done yoga, even though he thought it was a "girl thing"?

8. Has had the same doctor as Kobe. 

If you look at Wagner's numbers with Pawtucket, you'll notice that he wasn't very good. So why are we talking about him? Because I saw a picture of him at McCoy Stadium on Saturday. 

Thanks for reading, now here's 'Sex With Jim Thome'.

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