Brandon Moss does not own a copy of 'Pyromania'.

Brandon Moss had left the team to go play winter baseball in the Dominican Republic (con Las Aguilas Cibaeñas). He is going to continue to work on his first-basiness. I mean, don't you wish you were there right now? Under the palm trees? Watching DR baseball?

I've read enough baseball "auto"-biographies to know that many players dislike winter ball. Many complaints about Latin America and its lack of amenities. The dyptheria and malaria and rickets and whatever. Brandon Moss had this to say about the last time he was in the Dominican:

"Winter ball was great. I got to see what another country was like, and the Dominican Republic was awesome. The people there were unbelievable, and it was great playing in front of them. People say places here (in this country) have crazy fans, but they haven't seen these fans. People there love their baseball. That's their life."

Dominican teams are only allowed seven foreign players on their roster. Derek Lee is there... working as a pitcher. Apparantly in winter ball, he pitches. (Wait... okay, it is a different Derek Lee. Not the tall guy on the Cubs.)

Former PawSox great Tim Kester is also down there, along with Mike Rose (catcher, Buffalo Bisons [CLE]).

One day I will go check out this "Winter Baseball".

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