Who wants to watch the World Series?

I hate when people bitch about the WS participants. "Who wants to see a Indians/Rockies World Series" they might say.

I do! I WANNA SEE IT! I love the World Series! The only time I didn't was during the cold, grey October of 2003 when I woke up every day and realized it wasn't a bad dream. I went through a media blackout around then and felt like a freak. Could not read the paper or watch sports television. Couldn't listen to sports radio. Unbearable. I later discovered I wasn't the only one and felt a little less weird.

But now I would love to watch that Marlins WS on DVD. Is it out? I really want it!

I would watch a Pirates/Rangers World Series. I would have watched an Expos/Mariners matchup. Even a Cardinals/White Sox series! I don't care! It's the World Series, asshole!

unrelated: When I was at ALCS Game 2, they played the entire Sgt Pepper album accompanied by historical/hysterical Red Sox footage on the Giant Broadcast Screen before the game started. Ever since then I have been having recurring dreams involving those songs: Fixing a Hole, A Little Help from my Friends, For the Benefit of Mr. Kite even. And then that stupid Beatles song hippie movie came out. I know it got good reviews. It's still fucking stupid. I much prefer to wake up to the kickoff guitar intro leading up to 'It was...',loud enough in my head to convince me that someone had cued it up.

The last time I played that CD was probably 2000 on the Jersey Turnpike, stuck in traffic on the way home from Pennsylvania in my brand! new! car! Crazy weekend. Ask Lucky about that.


lastly: I love how it's called the "WORLD" series. What, a team or two in Canada? Do you think the rest of the "World" cares? (Not you, Japan. Taiwan. Maybe Italy.)

How about we move the Blue Jays to Buffalo? The Buffalo Blue Jays. DO IT.

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