sentimental tears won't get you far as you might think they will

Trot Nixon must be loving this. The killings. The one best part of Boston he still has. Oh, sure, if anyone asks, the Yankees are a great team. Classy. Tough. But the Volcano loves trampling out their vintage. If he could have fellated Hafner in a Christian, heterosexual fashion last night, he would have. What a great game. FAUSTO!! I wanted to be there so badly. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.

During the Boston/Anaheim at-bats last night, I was distracted by home plate ump Iassogna's wide blue eyes. Like tractor beams. I thought it was Bill Mueller for a second. Bullpen was ferocious. Delcarmen and Okajima and Papelbon taking up for Matsuzaka. And Manny, which everyone saw coming. After a while you get that intuition.

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