every thought could be the beginning

So it is, the Rockies and the Diamondbacks. I was watching the Cubs game last night and damn if those Diamondbacks aren't very, very good. Danger Will Robinson. If I were a Cubs fan I don't know what. Phillies fans also clouded over. I know what it feels like.

I may have to miss some of the game today as I will be in Wakefield, Mass doing a fund-raising walk around the lake for Down Syndrome. My brother's baby has Down's. I have never been to Wakefield. I'm bringing my very small radio.

California! Californians! I went for the first time last September and it is warm and alluring. I was in Barrio Logan and I could have lived there with lace curtains. Sleep late and take the train. Walk to PetCo sometimes. I hope the Boston kids had fun on their day off.

You know that band Maroon 5? How I hate them!

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