I'm sorry, but... Rolls Forrester.

Well, that wasn't so bad. I thought a Cleveland loss would break my heart, but no. The nationally hated Red Sox are going up against Tulo and Co. But as a Tall Person wisely said, It's Not Like 2004.

I love seeing the Pawtucketeers hanging out in their dark gray hoodies during the game. Kevin Cash, Brandon Moss, Royce Clayton... are they just happy to be watching postseason baseball? There they are, front and center in the dugout. You'd think they'd be soreheads about not being on the roster. But they look awfully merry...

Clayton was only in Pawtucket for a little while, but I loved him!

Two things:
1. Royce Clayton has triplets.
2. Royce Clayton's wife, Samantha Davies, is a British Olympic sprinter.
3. RC lives in Arizona and is something of a businessman. He has an audio-visual shop, for example.
4. Cool quote: "Why should I have to conform? What are we conforming to? I don't think my hair should be an issue. I wouldn't ask the baseball establishment to take off their khaki pants or patent leather shoes. It's a spiritual thing. The key is knowing who you are. It's not an outward lashing, but an inward peace." YEAH!!! FUCKING CONFORMISTS!!! STUPID ESTABLISHMENT!!!
5. Royce Clayton is much cooler than Tony Womack.
6. "Royce Clayton" is a character in the movie "The Rookie". RC did not play himself. "Royce Clayton" strikes out in the movie so who wants to play THAT guy?
7. Clayton is a jerk: "Knowing that the average major league shortstop is making between $4 million and $5 million," Clayton said, "it would be a disservice to my family to entertain that offer ($1.5 mil) after I put up the two types of seasons that I did."
8. There is another, more deadly Royce Clayton from Texas.
9. "Royce Clayton" is Francis Buxton's second cousin. Maybe.
10. Here's Clayton with former PawSox great Michael Tucker and Frank Robinson. I have no idea where the hell they are.

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