Ramp Champ #10: Todd Benzinger

Todd Benzinger is an outfielder who played for the Pawtucket Red Sox from 1985-87. His Pawtucket batting average (PBA) was .275 over that time. Damn, I should have used this stuff for the nine other guys! Too late now!

In 1985, at age 22, Benzinger played in 75 games and hit 11 home runs. He clung to that number, hitting another 11 in 1986. And then, WHAT, 13 in 1987! Through 65 games! ARE YOU FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW?

Two things:
1. "had a ball I got from a foul ball in batting practice at Riverfront Stadium in Cincy. Snuck down a few levels and got down by the Reds dugout to try and get it signed. Mariano Duncan(douchebag award recipient) keeps telling everyone to disperse in his latino accent. Todd Benzinger(Caught the winning out for the Reds in the World Series in 1990 and award winner for awesomeness) points at me and motions for the ball in my hand. I toss it down to him with a pen. He disappears down into the dugout for a few minutes, then he walks down to the bullpen. He comes back to the side of the dugout and motions for me to come down to the side of the dugout, where he gave me the ball. It had every single signature of what became the 1990 World Champion Cincinnati Reds, minus one signature, that douchebag Mariano Duncan. " - "Villiano 187" from the LOP Forums

2. Wait, did this really happen? "The Dragons were off yesterday celebrating Prince's 52nd birthday... in recognition of this special day, Dragons manager Todd Benzinger hosted a "Prince Party" at which members of the entire Dayton organization including players and front office personnel, dressed up in tiny purple clothes and jammed out to the pop star's laundry list of hit songs... the party's finest moment came when Dragons' pitching coach Tony Fossas, dressed as Appolonia, sang a roaring rendition of 'Lets Go Crazy'." - from the Reds Minor League Report, June 8th 2010.

Todd Benzinger's warrior-like mural can be found in the middle of the third base tower.

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