10 Things You Could Buy At The Jackson, MS Greyhound Bus Station

1. a belt
2. a stuffed "Baby Tweety"
3. butterscotch
4. a chartreuse visor
5. a wooden scotty dog
6. a jar of jellybeans with a prayer on the jar
7. a "Best of Alice Cooper" cassette
8. a Greyhound Christmas ornament (ball style)
9. paperback - "Sunrise Temptation"
10. travel checkers


Jenks said...

About five years ago, I took a memorable bus ride from New Orleans, LA to Shreveport-ish. I mistakenly thought it would be a direct route. Instead, the bus meandered its way through the swamps and small towns until sunrise. A five or six hour drive that took twelve and felt like 20.

apk01004 said...

Did you get the position at LSU?