watch out for wet leaves

I just came across some photos from the WS Parade back in '04 - close to Halloween?

We were at the tail end of the parade, right near the point where the D-Boats floated away and, you know, just like the 2,999,999 other kids I was screaming out the players' names with no reaction. Like Pokey Reese isn't by that time sick of waving politely every time some red-faced nut in Mardi Gras beads orgiastically screams his name.

But I saw bullpen coach Euclides Rojas and I thought, well, here's a guy who's not getting a lot of love because who even knows who he is?

EUKY!!!!!!!!!!!! got me the famous double-point.

I'm going to host a cable access special called "Red Sox WS Parade Memories" and it will be 24 hours long and every guest I have will tell the same story..."I got up SO early... hadn't gotten much sleep, thank god for the good folks at Dunkin' Donuts but I knew I had to see this for my dead relatives and my kids and..."

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Jere said...

I honestly believe at least some of those guys didn't get sick of that stuff the whole time...then again, I was at the beginning of the parade route, so you'd know better than I.

Good call on seeking out the unknown to get acknowledgement of your existence. When stalking players outside the hotel here in NY during a Yankee series, I yelled out Eric! at Eric Frede. He was so happy. "That's right, everybody, people know me." It does good for your ego AND theirs.

RR was day before 'ween.