Do you remember Nomar time?

Wow, them San Diegans sure do love the Hoff. Not the one you're thinking of. I mean, TREVOR! Who around here would be "TREVAAAAAH!!"

Congratulations to Trevor on his record breaking acheivement. I was not at that game. I was at the one where he tied the record, which is not a very interesting story to tell.

I got to thinking about closer fanfare and how silly it all is. Hoffman's Hell's Bell's and all the ballpark flashery. M. Rivera and "Enter Sandman". Papelbon seeking suggestions for his entrance music. God, if I were them I'd plead with mgmnt. to knock it off. How embarassing! At-bat intro songs are bad enough... it just shows the world what horrible musical taste these jock gorillas have. Is it a lame hip-hop hit? A Creed song? Some Kenny/Toby/Keith? Yes.

Nomar never had at-bat music. Classy. Do you remember Nomar time? Do you remember what that was like?

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