So sometimes at junk/antique/thrift stores, I rifle through those ubiquitous boxes of caseless cassettes. And sometimes I'll buy the blank looking ones, especially if they're not rewound because then I know there's at least SOME content on them.

I've never found anything particularly gripping, but it's kind of interesting to hear what anonymous people find worthy of recording. I found one from the 80's with a Celtics playoff game on it. Haven't listened to it, not yet.

One of my favorite weird non-blank cassettes is a Dexter Shoes promo cassette which features Suzyn Waldman singing a song about Ted Williams to the tune of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". It's completely awful and littered with phrases like "Splendid Splinter" and so forth.

I'm cleaning my apartment and really digging for gold and finding aged weirdness. I hooked up my NEW record player and guess what? I can't get any sound.


Jere said...

I thought I was the OOITW to even think about buying the blank tapes at the Salvation Army to see what's on them. Then again, there must be some demand for them if they keep selling them.

I don't know if this is the same song, but there was one she sang that went "Take Me Out To Old Fenway." I think of this at every game I attend, during the seventh inning stretch. I think Ken Coleman may have written it.

Jenks said...

Ken Coleman wrote this song also, but it's called "A Tribute to the Jimmy Fund" or something.

Wow, we're practically sisters.

Jere said...

Totally. I have a bigger adam's apple, though.